How many sounds can your class make with their own bodies? Designed mostly for KS1 & EYFS, but could be used with KS2 as a refresher.

Body percussion is an excellent tool for helping pupils to feel the music and stay in time. Body percussion is also great for learning rhythms such as syncopation. Just breaking a rhythm down into stamps, claps, and clicks helps bring any pattern to life. As well as performing, body percussion can be a great way of helping develop your children’s basic composition skills. This Body Percussion PowerPoint can also be used as part of a dance, drama, or English project to create performance poetry. Why not use body percussion to teach some computational thinking, such as loops, patterns, or algorithms? Breaking them down into their individual components can be easy and fun with body percussion.

Feeling a bit extra? After using this body percussion PowerPoint, why not stick on a song that your class know and love and see if they compose a piece of body percussion to it!

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