Celebrate World Music Day in your classroom with our specially curated playlist, designed to showcase a diverse range of musical traditions and styles from around the globe. From the soulful blues of the USA to the intricate flamenco rhythms of Spain and the mesmerizing throat singing of Mongolia, this playlist is a perfect educational tool to enrich your students’ understanding of different cultures through music.

Our World Music Day playlist includes carefully selected tracks such as “Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson, “Entre Dos Aguas” by Paco de Lucia, and “The Art of Mongolian Khöömii (Throat Singing)” by Alash Ensemble, among others. Each song has been chosen not only for its cultural significance but also for its ability to engage and inspire young minds.

Ideal for classroom listening, this playlist also serves as a springboard for discussions about the history, instruments, and unique characteristics of music from various parts of the world. Enhance your teaching materials with this vibrant and educational collection of world music, and give your students an auditory tour of the world’s musical landscape.

Dive into the world of music with our World Music Day playlist and give your students a truly global musical experience!

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