Celebrate the joy of music with our exclusive “World Music Day Anthem (Edits & Lyric Sheet)” package! Designed to give schools the flexibility to create their unique version of the anthem, this comprehensive bundle includes everything needed to bring the spirit of World Music Day to life in your community.

Included in this package:

  • Full Version (WAV): Experience the anthem in its entirety with high-quality audio that captures every note and nuance.
  • Full Version (With Click Intro): Perfect for rehearsals, this version includes a click intro to help you stay in time and get the best out of your performance.
  • Chord & Lyric Sheet: Easily follow along or create your own rendition with our detailed chord and lyric sheet. This is ideal for teachers and students to understand and practice the anthem.
  • Instrumental (No Backing Vocals): Sing along with the instrumental version that leaves out the backing vocals, giving your performers the spotlight.
  • Instrumental (With Backing Vocals): For those who prefer a fuller sound, this version includes backing vocals to support your singers and enhance the overall performance.
  • No Choruses Edit: A unique edit that removes the choruses, providing a different take on the anthem and allowing for creative adaptations and variations.

Why Choose Our World Music Day Anthem Package?

This package is crafted to empower schools and music educators to make the World Music Day Anthem truly their own. Whether you want to perform the song as it is or put your own spin on it, this package provides all the tools you need to celebrate World Music Day with creativity and passion.

Unite your school through the power of music and join the global celebration with our “World Music Day Anthem (Edits & Lyric Sheet)”!

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